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Testimonial: Personal Therapy 2022

Please find below an anonymous testimonial from a client who was in personal therapy:

“Layla was highly recommended  to me by a friend who is now a dance movement therapist herself and since then, I’ve worked with Layla for a very long time now and in that time I’ve found that I’ve grown and learned so much.

As an African man, there’s a certain level of social conditioning that comes with underestimating the values of therapy and even more so if it’s of a somatic nature. Therefore, initially, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect or what I’d get out of my time with her.

But with an open mind and help from Layla to find patience with myself, I’d developed tools to keep my mental health above water and, more importantly, I’d come to understand the value of connection between body and emotions.

Though I’d often leap to be supportive to others, I had no idea how very unkind I’d been to myself. Chasing my ambitions at the cost of my own mental and physical well being, judging myself very harshly along the way. Layla has given me tools to better listen to my body and understand that, it’s not only ‘ok’ to hit a pause button, but it’s necessary.

In my time with Layla, I’ve found my relationships and expectations with others have changed for the positive mostly because my relationship and expectations of MYSELF have changed for the positive and with that I have firmer sense of personal boundaries and greater sense of empathy and self love.

Layla has been with me through laughter, tears, times of colossal life transitions, pandemic lockdowns  and some very dark times. All the while offering not only her support as a professional but also her kindness as a person.

We live in a society where most of us walk around with our own personal emotional fortresses and barriers. I felt safe to let Layla through mine and have zero regrets.

Layla became the facilitator of my own personal growth. In giving me the tools and space I needed to explore my emotions and being seen without fear of judgment. Layla was the cartographer of my own  journey of self and emotional wellbeing and understanding.

Thank you Layla


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