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Testimonial: Personal Therapy

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Please find below an anonymous testimonial from a client who was in weekly personal therapy:

“I was guided to Layla as I was seeking a form of therapy where I could creatively explore and find ways to heal the blockages and long held wounds connected to my relationship with my body. She was highly recommended to me as a Dance and Movement Psychotherapist. My sessions with Layla have had a powerfully transformative effect on my life. I felt safe in the space she holds to explore, un-entangle and make sense of multiple dimensions of my story, due to her gentle and non judgemental presence and guidance. She travelled alongside me at whatever pace was right for where I was each week. She has helped me to listen to and understand, therefore become more in tune with the language of my body and encouraged me to explore this through various mediums of expression; from moving freely, to art making in the form of drawing, as well as moving with and arranging objects in the space. Within this atmosphere of creativity and trust intuitive insight arrived rapidly, which has helped me make decisions with clarity and take more action. The weekly sessions with Layla have had a vital, grounding, as well as expansive effect on my life and I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my relationships. Her feedback through observation has supported me in connecting with my strengths, allowing knowledge of this to begin to sink in for the first time and assisting me in finding a clearer sense of direction and purpose. I am so grateful to her for being pivotal in helping me transport to this point.”


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